“After a week of running smoothly, we got many world expo China pavilion installed elevator for milan, also won the 100 billion euro development project of international cooperation opportunities.” As the only elevator with milan this year world expo China pavilion, zhi-zhong pan Kyoto elevator co., LTD. General manager, said in an interview with reporters yesterday.

Last may, Kyoto ccpit elevator company that countries are China’s domestic brands elevator business world expo China pavilion for milan after the news of the design and manufacture of the elevator, apply to the state ccpit immediately. Because of conditions in the company in line with the milan and the requirements of the China pavilion, expo China local brands, products, joint pavilion “hope the fields, the source of life” theme, with independent research and development and manufacturing ability, is in conformity with export condition, conform to the local conditions of use, such as Italy, won the only elevator with membership so smoothly, especially the leading world escape device technology patent technology, energy regeneration device, and always pay attention to the green environmental protection idea, got the favour of ccpit.


It is understood that the elevator a total of five for China pavilion, both for Kyoto elevator’s Black Bear brand elevator. After a week after the operation, the Kyoto elevator won the President of ccpit, director, China pavilion, related people in other countries praise: smooth, beautiful, quiet, comfortable and safe. The reporter understands, Kyoto elevator in compliance with the European industry standard material at the same time, improve the quality of the structural, and runtime special smooth; When designing the elevator inside the capsules, the use of three layers of glass reflection, bamboo wind elements into China, improved the car’s depth, administrative levels feeling, beautiful; In the design, installation, precisely adjust the Angle for parts, location, elevator running without noise; Joined the human part such as air conditioner, air purifier, passengers feel comfortable; Manufacture, installation procedures strictly according to European standard, such as “day maintenance, half an hour to reach top technicians for repairing the scene” service standard is higher than in Europe, the elevator safety with a more comprehensive protection.


A week after the world expo, the Kyoto elevator for some merchants left a deep impression, also ushered in the international business opportunities. “Italy, Germany, Egypt’s three stores looking for us to discuss cooperation matters, the biggest project is worth more than 100 billion euros, which let us feel particularly surprised.” Zhi-zhong pan said.