Since 2009, in Taipei Taiwan well-known host to beauty called for all the friends set up “good team” on the network sale cake, accumulated over the past five years to different charity organizations donate new nt $eleven million seven hundred and fifty thousand. In 2014, in the beauty transfer the good to Shanghai, “Shanghai good team” chengjun formally. Elevator industry well-known brand elevator takes the lead in response to the Kyoto, outstanding companies to join, fully proved from Shanghai’s love never falls.
2014 is the “Shanghai good team” in the first year, after half a year of screening and try and adjust, “more appropriate cheese cake shops in Shanghai” mango cheese cake “, “does the good deed for mans” shouldering 2014 burden, to make all love to eat dessert and caring friends help do good in Shanghai. Each cake good price is 168 yuan, after deducting the cost of production and cost, each cake will donate 80 dollars to ganzhou in jiangxi village 230 left-behind children rebuild schools and left-behind children activity center and yunnan LuDian reconstruction fund disaster area elementary school.

In addition to technological innovation, environmental protection carbon reduction leading trade, Kyoto elevator has been public-spirited. Kyoto, general manager of the elevator zhi-zhong pan said: “the Kyoto elevator in addition to let all users of Kyoto elevator, up and down every day life is smooth, safe, comfortable, let the Kyoto elevator this small space become ‘space is filled with love.” Kyoto elevator not only participate in this meaningful activity, make a heart for the society, also called for its suppliers, agents and Kyoto elevator together to do a good turn.


Sponsors to beauty, said six years ago, just a little thought, want to be the friend of love can also eat the delicious dessert, initiated in 2014 for the first time in Shanghai, I didn’t expect there are so many friends, help team.

It is understood that since September 7, 2014, Shanghai postal mail, rt-mart flying cow has begun to love cake purchase in advance, on September 14, lujiazui in Shanghai zhengda square on the second floor held a formal open sell reporter meeting, please prepare 300 love cake scene, sold out on the spot. By the sponsors in the love of beauty live bidding cake, is marked by the high price of 50000 yuan, the overwhelming response.

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